Vaping in Public

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Vaping in public, be it small setups to get your nicotine fix or a massive cloud chasing rig, may be frowned upon due a variety of reasons.The general public is new to vaping and considers it to be just as harmful (If not more) as cigarettes. Regardless on your information containing factual evidence of how vaping if safer than smoking, it is very difficult to explain to someone who dislikes the idea of smoking in general.
Here’s a few ways to know where not to vape

  1. No smoking zones

This is a no-brainer. Its common sense not to fog up a place with vapor where smoke is not allowed. They don’t have anything against vaping, its just not permitted in that area.

  1. In the presence of children

Don’t expose minors to vapor. Other than that you wouldn’t want to give them the image of vaping, as that would lead them towards doing it themselves. We started vaping to quit smoking not to bring non-smokers to the foggy side.

  1. In the presence of someone who is visibly uncomfortable

People, including vapers, can be allergic to the ingredients used in E-liquid. Don’t give someone the distress by having them to put up with something their body is not okay with. Allergies can have severe results as well so its better to stay safe and not vape where someone is uncomfortable
These are just some basic ethical norms that are believed and followed by vapers and by conforming to these norms, each individual contributes to saving the entire vaping industry from statements and labels that might harm it.

Happy vaping!

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