Vaping for Beginners

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1.        Don’t Save Money On Your First Kit

This is one of the most common mistakes smokers make when switching to vaping. The majority of people automatically assume that a higher price for a decent vaping kit is a lot, as they are accustomed to spending only smaller amount of money per day to feed their tobacco addictions. This is a completely wrong way of thinking, and these aspiring vapers usually end up getting the cheapest cig-a-like or an eGo kit with out-dated low-end Clearomizers, which, of course, doesn’t satisfy their expectations.

2.        Make Sure Vaping Is Allowed When You Take Your First Puff

While vaping is comparatively safer for your health, as well as for people around you, you might want to be careful about where you vape. Just like in the case of non-smokers, let’s also respect non-vapers by not using our devices in close proximity around them. If you’re uncertain about the laws, just follow the basic rule of thumb and don’t vape in a place where you wouldn’t feel comfortable smoking a regular tobacco cigarette. And, of course, this is not an issue whatsoever if you vape in your own property.

3.        Don’t Be Afraid of Experimenting

What works for me, may not be ideal for other people. So don’t let anyone (including us) tell you what and how to vape – you’ll find it out by yourself. Start with a decent but not too expensive setup, try out another tank after a while, mix up your e-liquid game and try to be in the know of new vaping products and innovations. By experimenting, you’ll be able to determine your optimal setup, favourite e-liquid brands, preferred PG/VG ratio, and each of those findings will make things much better. When it comes to all things vaping related, from what we have seen, it might take you as long as several months to figure out what works best for you.


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