Misreported Vaping Studies

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Vaping has an image problem. Much of the public sees our products as risky to use, designed to addict kids to nicotine, and a general threat to public health. Sure, we know how far that perception is from reality, but until we earn wide support from non-vapers, we’re spinning our wheels. We’re not going to win the political war until we start winning the public relations battles.

A big part of the problem is that scientific studies are often misreported. There are several ways this happens, but the result is the same: misinformed readers, less support for vaping, and an even more difficult road ahead for us. It’s up to us as vapers to be alert for these stories, and to respond and correct the record.

When publications are aware that people who know the facts are checking their work, they’ll be less likely to take liberties with the truth. Imagine if each bad article got a response from twenty vapers. What would the editors think? What if a hundred vapers replied, all stating clear facts that expose the writer’s bias?

We have numbers! There are millions of vapers. Each of us needs to be aware of how the world views vaping, and take action to correct bad press as it happens. No one else is going to do it for us!

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